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Do you look in the mirror and wonder who is looking back?

Are you struggling to balance your home and work life? 

Have you tried multiple diets and nothing seems to work in the long term? 

Do you feel bloated and tired a lot of the time?

Do you find yourself being bad tempered or miserable?

Or maybe you've just 'lost your spark'?

Do you want to regain your vitality and live a more vibrant life?

Do you want to feel energised, confident and ready to take on the world in a healthier body?

If you experience cravings, feeling exhausted, poor concentration, anxiety, headaches, poor sleep and lack of time to relax or exercise now is the time to assess your health and lifestyle.

My name is Katie Gleeson and I am passionate about helping you regain your vitality by making some simple nutrition and lifestyle changes. Having had personal experience of chronic health issues I understand the challenges they can present in our day to day lives. 

How I can help you

I am a registered Nutritional Therapist. I know from personal experience that taking responsibility for changing our health can be daunting. However, I also know that working with someone who you can trust to support and nurture you during your journey to a healthier and more vibrant you is empowering. Having someone who understands the landscape and provides a structured and achievable nutritional plan personalised for you is a rewarding experience.

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What my clients say

"Katie is truly wonderful at what she does. She had a wealth of knowledge in nutrition and has a knack of being able to break this down and explain it in a way that is easy to understand. She is warm, genuine, professional, supportive and goes out of her way to look after her clients. You’d be lucky to have her on your side"

Susan .A.