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There is a wide range of biochemical testing available to help support a targeted nutrition programme by understanding more about your biology in terms of potential imbalances.

Testing kits are sent to the client at home. After taking the sample, the client returns the kit to the laboratory for analysis either in the post or via courier depending on the test. The tests are very quick and simple to do. Full and clear instructions are given with every test and incur a small postage and packing charge to return the samples to the laboratories.

It is important to note that any testing shall only be available alongside a nutritional therapy consultation to ensure they are correctly interpreted.

Some of the most popular tests include

Digestive & Parasitology Testing

Female Hormone Panels

Food Intolerance Testing

Adrenal Stress Assessment

DNA Testing To Support Nutritional Insights

Costs for tests are not included in the nutrition consultation fee and are an optional ad-on to my nutrition packages for a high impact, fine detail bespoke nutrition package, especially for your biology.

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