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I offer a complimentary 30 minute chat to enable us to discuss your health needs and to give you the opportunity to explore how I may be able to support you in realising your health goals.

To fully support my client’s health journey I offer three 12 week programmes, as I understand that it can take time to make changes to your diet and lifestyle. The best results come from making incremental changes that are manageable to incorporate into your busy schedule. I want you to feel empowered in the knowledge that the changes you make are effective in the long term. I offer a choice of three programmes based on the support you need on your health journey. The contact time can be weekly, fortnightly or every four weeks. My 12 week programmes are priced from £360.

Your personalised nutrition programme

All programmes commence with an initial 90 minute consultation including:

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Health History

You'll be given a comprehensive 'health history' questionnaire to fill in before your first consultation

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Medication Review

We will review your current supplements, medicines and herbal remedies

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Diet Diary

Together we will go through your 3-5 day diet diary to find out where we can implement change

What's next?

Following our initial consultation I will review all of your above information and prepare a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme which we will work on and adjust as we progress with your bespoke programme. The types of information shared with you will typically include the following:

What's included?

A personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme 

Healthy eating ideas, recipes and resources tailored to your requirements

Ongoing support to help you navigate your programme and guide you through any challenges 

Recommendations for supplements or specific functional testing to address / understand potential underlying imbalances

The right level of support for you.

Silver level

This provides four consultations spread over the 12 week period and is designed for those clients who feel confident to manage their plan with less contact between sessions.

Gold level

This provides fortnightly contact between us, and is ideal for those clients who have a busy lifestyle but still feel it would be helpful to have the opportunity to review progress regularly and receive incremental changes to help them reach their health goals.

Platinum level

This provides weekly contact to enable us to discuss how you are progressing and identify if we need to make adjustments or to reassure you that you are on track and making progress. This programme is suitable for those who would like a step by step approach to keep on track or feel overwhelmed at implementing changes without a weekly review.

Following an assessment and based on your goals, health issues, complexity of conditions, personal needs and level of support you’re likely to need, I will recommend the most appropriate programme for you to help you move forwards in the simplest way possible.

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