Beetroot hummus

Fancy a vibrant and nutrient boosting version of that oh so delicious hummus snack? Look no further, try beetroot hummus.


200g beetroot (pre-cooked vaccum packed). Generally about 5 beetroots

1 Small clove of garlic

2 x Heaped dessertspoons Tahini *

1 x Dessertspoon olive oil

1/4 Freshly squeezed lemon juice

* Caution: Tahini contains sesame seeds - these can be an allergen for some people *


Cut the beetroot into quarters and place in food processor

Add garlic to the beetroot

Blitz together in the food processor

Add the tahini, olive oil, and the freshly squeezed lemon juice

Blitz until a smooth paste is formed.

Check for taste and texture. Add a drizzle more olive oil if the consistency is too thick or a squeeze of lemon juice. Enjoy it with vegetable batons (carrots, peppers, cucumber, or on toasted organic sourdough ,oatcakes or a baked sweet potato.