What do you or your teams need to feel energised, motivated and ready to take on the next challenge?

Katie Gleeson offers an array of educational talks on how nutrition can affect your health and explains what kind of changes can be made to transform you and your team’s health and wellbeing.

With the current challenges associated with COVID many people's work-life balance has been disrupted and now more than ever it is essential to support employees health and wellbeing. 
Fortunately, technology enables people to stay connected and the use of video conferencing provides a platform to deliver health and wellbeing support when working remotely. 

  Is there a particular wellness goal for your organisation that I can help develop with you to benefit your employees?

Healthy workforce . Healthy business

Are your workforce struggling with energy, tiredness and stress? A healthy team, means a healthy business. Ensuring your staff are looked after, healthy, happy and thriving is the new business norm, and brings your company a stronger, more enthusiastic workforce and a better reputation for staff care for you.

Supporting employees helps to create a health-conscious culture and empowers individuals to create healthy new habits

Signature Talks (webinars)

30 minute talk & 15 minute Q&A

This talk can take part at any point of the day, giving your employees an insight into how to implement healthier choices into their busy lifestyles and some simple swaps to support improving their overall health and wellbeing.

Suggested Topics Include:

Insights into what impacts energy

Eating mindfully and the affect on digestive health

Creating a different mindset to develop healthy lifestyle habits

Food and the impact on mood, sleep and mental focus

Other topics could include healthy ageing, hormone balancing, digestive health.

Each talk can be accompanied by suggestions for easy swaps for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & drinks

Recipes can also be a fun way to try new foods.

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